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Improving access to health services through strengthening cross-border cooperation of the health institutions

The main objective of the overall project + Health is to strengthen partnerships between public bodies and stakeholders in the health sector to jointly develop new cross-border procedures and uniform certification of institutions, which will reduce regional inequalities in the long term and urban-rural division in the availability of services and quality of health services and increase quality of life. The main objective of the project will thus directly contribute to the program-specific objective of strengthening partnership for a healthy cross-border area.


Specific objectives of the project


  • Creating partnerships and strengthening human resources - Strengthening existing and creating new partnerships through cross-border exchange of knowledge and resources (in the framework of transfer of best practice, pilot projects, joint training, etc.) will contribute to the development of new cross-border procedures that will increase the efficiency and quality of health care in remote and poorly accessible areas, while human resources will be increased in parallel, which will be reflected in raising awareness of target groups in the health field.

  • Establishing a cross-border health destination - Establishing and promoting a cross-border healthcare destination, within which a common network of experts will be developed (Cross-border Center of Excellence + Health) with the creation of quality standards and certification of the institutions, will contribute to reducing the differences in the quality of healthcare and other related services on both sides of the border, which will raise the quality of life in rural and less accessible areas and prevent migration.


Project results


  • Raising the level of quality of cross-border cooperation between institutions and stakeholders in the health sector

  • Center of Excellence + Health- represents a newly created cross-border structure in the field of health, which includes project partners and other institutions. Raising the level of cooperation quality between these institutions and stakeholders will directly reflect the rise in the program's performance indicators.

  • Through the development of new cross-border models and procedures have a positive impact on raising the level of co-operation and efficiency of stakeholders in the health sector of the cross-border area, thus achieving more up-to-date and quality health services

  • By setting criteria and implementing the certification of health care institutions in the long term, reduce cross-border differences in the quality of health and related services, in particular in remote and poorly accessible areas

  • Through implemented pilot projects, the transfer of best practice and education / training of stakeholders and target groups directly contribute to the immediate improvement of health services in the cross-border area

  • Through the created strategic bases (Strategy for Cross-Border Health Destination, defined guidelines for long-term stakeholders participation ...), indirectly positively affect the raising of the quality of participation of the widest spectrum of stakeholders in the field of health and the shapers of local / regional / national policies and, indirectly, the long-term impact on improving the vitality and health of the cross-border area.

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